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 The History of the Misty Town?

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Crying Wolf

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PostSubject: The History of the Misty Town?   Wed Jun 17, 2009 11:04 am

Well, here's a thread to talk about Silent Hill if you've ever played it, watched the movie, or anything like that...

The reason I put the topic thread as 'The History of the Misty Town?' is because of what it is... A town that is covered in mist whose history has been clouded and hidden behind that mist...

This is where you can talk about that town, try to piece together it's history as you should say...

If you haven't played it before, I'd reccomend it because even though it's categorized as 'Survival Horror' it's more of a 'Action Thriller' that'll have you leaning towards the screen begging for more...

Okay, I have played Silent Hill 2 where your character had killed his wife because she was going to die of disease and he didn't want her to suffer... So he is brought back to the town that they had supposedly visited three years earlier because of a letter that his late wife Mary had sent him... He goes through a bunch of different things to get to the end where if you picked up certain items or paid complete attention to Maria (woman who looks almost exactly like Mary) or you ignored her, you'd get different endings just clouding up the mystery more... I usually get the Maria ending where I paid a lot of attention to Maria and in the end I have to fight Mary as a demon and James (Main Character) walks away with Maria who caught the same disease as Mary...

The Main history thing of this game of the series; Sinners are dragged to Silent Hill to pay for such sins...

I also played Silent Hill Homecoming where the main character (Alex Shepherd) escapes an insane asylum thinking that he had been wounded in battle to go to his hometown (Shepherds Glen) to find out that most of the townspeople have 'disappeared', including his father... So he goes through painstaking tasks to get to Silent Hill, or as I call it 'Misty Town' to try to find everyone including his father... He goes through a different realm, or as I put it "Hell" to try to find his brother who he didn't realise that he had killed when he was a teenager... So in the end, his mother and father dies and you pick whether or not a police officer die, but it will unlock a different ending, and when you face the final boss, when you kill it your brother appears dead... During your game playing you'll find out that Alex was supposed ot be sacrificed so monsters wouldn't attack Shepherds Glen, but he had killed his brother by accident and was sent to an insane asylum causing the monsters to come and kidnap or kill the townspeople...
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PostSubject: Re: The History of the Misty Town?   Thu Jun 18, 2009 3:57 pm

I don't see why this is in "The Side Games..." Hence this Forum is for Zelda CD-i's or "non-canon" games featuring Link, Zelda, or Ganon, I hereby move this topic to "Gamer's Haven."

Zelda Fan FOREVER!

Quote :
Every Game Has a Story, Only One Is a Legend.
-Shigera Miyamoto, and others.

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The History of the Misty Town?
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