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PostSubject: The Moons Tear   The Moons Tear Icon_minitimeSun Jun 21, 2009 4:56 pm

In Majora's Mask, when you go to the observatory and look at the skull kid, you get a cinema where a "Moon's tear" falling to Termina, just outside. So, even if it is not liquid, it is still a blue gem that has the shape of a drop, and it fell from the moon's eye.

So... iot has always bothered me. Do you think there is a meaning behind this?
What do you think it could mean? Even the Hylian Dan theories doesn't cover it, and I have always been intrigued by it.

Maybe it was sign about it being controlled into crashing but it didn't want to do that, is the normal moon alive too?

After all, people in Termina doesn't really comment about the clearly marked eyes and mouth.

So... what are your thoughts on this?
Better yet, tell me here!!
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The Moons Tear
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