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 Hylian Fire Rules

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PostSubject: Hylian Fire Rules   Hylian Fire Rules Icon_minitimeTue Jun 23, 2009 12:00 am

Hello, and welcome to Hylian Fire. The rules for this Forum are...

Cussing: 1-5 day ban- Cursing will not be tolerated. Word's such as hell and damn are acceptable as long as they are not used to often. WTH and WTF do not count, but they are not promoted either. Using them often will get you a 2 day ban. Censoring is allowed,but try not to censor often.

Spamming: 2-3 day ban- Spamming is NOT allowed. You will have 2 warning's if you spam continuously. Continuing will result in a ban and further spamming will be a permanent ban.

Double Account's: Permanent Ban- Double account's will not be dealt with. The second account will be deleted, and your first account will get a permaban. No warning's! Remember, we will find you. ;)

Language: 1 warning - 1 day ban- Language will be kept English, please keep it that way. If we see you using other languages, you will be warned and possibly banned.

Spelling: No Warning's - You will never be banned for spelling. But please, try to keep your spelling at your best.

Flaming: 4-8 Day ban - Flaming is not going to be dealt with. No warning's you'll be banned from a period of 4-8 days. Depending on how bad the flaming is.

Bullying: PermaBan - Bullying is not tolerated, you'll be banned no matter who started the fight. If someone is bullying you, you don't need to bully them. Feel free to report them.

Thanks for reading,
~Hylian Fire Staff

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Every Game Has a Story, Only One Is a Legend.
-Shigera Miyamoto, and others.

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Hylian Fire Rules
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