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PostSubject: Tarok Blackthorn   Tarok Blackthorn Icon_minitimeMon Jul 27, 2009 9:05 pm




Hair,Black on bottom and red on top.

Eyes,Deep Green

Weight,82 lbs.

Height,4 ft.

Weapon,Dagger of Change. Can change into anything the owner wants. Every change is a bead from his necklace

Armor,Cloak of Protection. Protects wearer from physical and non physical attacks.

Strength,Nightime is when his full power is reaveled. The humans say that the Nightlings are creatures of the night. That is one of the few rumors they have right. When the sun sets, she is stronger, faster, and smarter than in the daytime. He would be so fast that the regular human could not see him. Also he could lift three times his body weight. He would also know more spells than in the daytime.

Weakness,Without the Cloak of Protection, he cannot travel in the sunlight. If he tried it, he would not last 5 minutes out in the sun without it. he would be burned beyond recongnition. If you cut his cloak, he would have to get inside a building or in some shade fast or (look above). Since he is 11 years old, he is not very strong. But the Cloak of Protection gives him a little extra strength.

Magic Store. He has a necklace that stores magical power. It has 25 beads. Every bead counts for one spell. It takes about fifteen minutes for one to regenerate. If used in rapid sucsession, they could restore at the same time.

Skills/Magic,He know a few charms, but again, his true power lies in the nightime. Also heals quickly. The attack charms are:

Discharge: Can send out a magic sheild for five yards around.

Immobility: The target is immediatley immobilized for a few seconds. If he wanted it longer, he would have to use another.

Transfiguration: Can change one thing into another for a period of time. The longer the period of time and how big the object is that he is changing takes another bead.

Teleportation: Can be used for him and others to move distances faster than usual. When teleporting it seem to the user that they are going into a black hole.The more people and the farther the distance the more beads it takes.

Portal Making: Used for self only. Can make portal only to places he has seen. Cannot go to places he has heard of,only seen. The longer the traveling distance, the more beads it takes.

Appearence,Usually has a cloak as black as a starless and moonless night shadowing face, but when cloak is off, to a regular human would look like the most handsome boy they have ever seen. It is a racial trait that made him a handsome boy. He has a heart shaped face, his face is completly white. When the cloak is off, he wears beutiful light weight clothes. He wears a necklace with beads of black obsidion with a green emerald pendant in the middle.
Also usually wearing a backpack that is as lightweight as his clothes. Holds all of his magic items, but thanks to Nightling magic, its as light as a feather.

Personality, Is very drawn back with strangers, but as trust grows, He will be more and more open with his feelings. Helps people when they need it. on the outside he looks as tough as a veteren, but on the inside is very much a child.

Bio,As long as he can remember, he has been on the run. He does not know from what, but it is a way of life for him now.(He's on the run from the nightling government.) He was born in a cave with his parents. His mom died when he was three. His dad was caught by the unknown enemy.

He was able to slip away,but he has always dreamt of getting his father back.
both his cloak and dagger had been given to him by his father.He thinks every day, "I might die today,might as well enjoy myself a little." Usually a 11 year old would be thinking," Ugghhh!! Another day at school." So his childhood has been hard, running from the unknown enemy has been a tough challenge for him.

He does not have a home. He does not have a specific destination. He is always looking for someone to help. A Nightling usually sleeps in the day and travels at night, but, thanks to living amongst the humans, he sleeps in their hours. And when he does sleep, he can be woken up by the soft thud of a wolf's paw.He says he does not need friends.

But inside, even though he does not know it himself, he's looking for one.

(I use this one on several diferent sites.)
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PostSubject: Re: Tarok Blackthorn   Tarok Blackthorn Icon_minitimeMon Jul 27, 2009 9:56 pm

this site is closed nao so hylianfire is the new site:

here! CLIKY there is a rp there send ur character there
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