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 Hatred Among the Land

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Peace Keepers
Peace Keepers

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PostSubject: Hatred Among the Land   Mon Jun 22, 2009 7:43 pm

'Ello! It'sa me, Ama! Duh, I'm pretty sure everyone here somewhat knows me, but what you don't know is that I write stories! =D

I have a different story on another forum called Shadows, Lucario knows about it, but that story is filled with strong language, blood and gore, and some sexual themes. I toned it down a bit so you can read something, but it's still gonna be a bit violent with some mild cursing.


I probably spelt that long word wrong, but oh well. You have been warned. ;D

High up in the mountains, a young red dragon squeals in horror as a black dragon attacked her home. His eyes were red as fire, his body black as night. Horror struck the young dragon as his massive body crushed her brother and sister, his jaws locking around her mothers throat. Her father was slammed against the cave wall, then killed. She whimpered in fear as she ran out of the cave, trying her best to glide away, but she was too young. Luckily, a friend of her father saved her, flying her away as the black dragon roared his triumph.

Chapter 1 will be posted soon enough. =3

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Peace Keepers
Peace Keepers

Posts : 37
Points : 3623
Join date : 2009-06-15

PostSubject: Re: Hatred Among the Land   Mon Jun 22, 2009 9:02 pm

Enjoy the story! I don't think it's as good as my other story, but who knows, people might like it.

Chapter 1: The Death of Devon

Ryuu is now a grown dragon, very beautiful. Her scales sparkle in the sunlight, making her look like a moving flame when she flies. Her spikes are white, while her talons are black as night. Her wings are at least four times larger then she to support her massive girth and body. Standing over thirteen feet tall and weighing at least 2,000 pounds, Ryuu is not one to recon with. She’s become bitter and mean over the years, sometimes even snarling or growling at her life-long protector, Devon.

Devon stands a massive forty feet tall. But he is not as majestic as Ryuu. His scales are dark brown, as well as his eyes. His wings have rips and tears, and his body shows signs of scars from where he got into fights protecting Ryuu. He was lying on his belly, enjoying the bright sunshine. Dragons speak through telepathy with one another, along with warning growls and snarls.

“Ryuu,” Devon called. “Enjoy this nice spring day. You complained the whole time in the cave.”

“I don’t want to!” Ryuu snapped, curling her tail around her body. “It’s too hot!”

Devon sighed. Ever since Ryuu learned to speak and fly, she’s been like this, complaining and hating everything. She has no friends cause everyone her age is afraid of her angry and bitter attitude.

“Devon, why did Onyx kill my parents?” Onyx was the name of the black dragon that killed her family, named after the black precious stone. Devon sighed and stood up.

“Ryuu, we’ve been over this. Onyx is an evil dragon, and I really don’t know why he killed your parents. Rumors go around saying he is owned by an evil human.”

Ryuu snorted. “Whatever. I’m going to go fly around.”

Devon sighed again as she jumped off, soaring for a good while before actually flapping and disappearing behind the clouds. The large brown dragon took off into the sky, flying toward his close friends cave, a beautiful pink dragon that went by the name of Ruby. She greeted him when he landed on the ledge of the cliff.

“Devon, how’ve you been?” She asked, her purple eyes glowing. “Ryuu fly off again?”

“That girl is impossible to reason with.” He growled, folding his massive wings. But, right when they folded, a familiar roar is heard. A roar the sends chills down backs, a blast of noise loud enough to make your eardrums burst…Onyx has returned.

Then, Onyx is spotted, flying closer and closer. He is ten feet taller then Devon, with more powerful legs and tail. He lands close to Devon, standing only four or five yards. He laughs at Devon, his voice deep and angry.

“Devon, it’s been awhile. Where’s the young one you saved so many years ago?” Onyx laughed. His wings twitched as they moved slightly.

“Flying around. Leave her alone, Onyx. How many dragon families have you killed before hers? You ruined her life you lowlife asshole.”

Onyx snarled. His temper is almost as bad as Ryuu’s, maybe even worse. He lunged at Devon, his mouth open and heading for his throat. Devon slammed his tail into Onyx before jumping off the mountain and spiraling upward. Bad mistake, cause before Devon could turn around, Onyx slammed into his back, his talons digging into Devon’s scales easily. The brown male roared in pain as he tossed about, buffing Onyx with his wings, but it did nothing to remove the larger dragon. They spiraled closer to the ground, closer and closer, till Devon spun on his back, making Onyx slam into the ground. The black dragon roared in pain, his wings flailing about as Devon dug his talons into Onyx’s soft underbelly. Onyx kicked him off, before battling with him on the ground. Onyx lunged, as did Devon as they bit and clawed, blew fire and tail whipped.

It went on for ten minutes, but it was obvious Onyx was going to win. He pinned Devon down, his maniacal laugh heard. Ruby was nose diving to help, but she was too late. Onyx snapped Devon’s neck, then ripped his throat. Onyx then dodged Ruby, extended his wings, and flew away, laughing the whole way. Ruby nudged his lifeless body, remorse welling up inside her. She tilted her head back and let out a mournful roar, one that carried all the way to Ryuu, who turned around and followed the sad tune. Seeing Ruby nudging Devon filled Ryuu with more rage. She roared to the heavens, angry, exploding her anger through her voice. She then flew away, sadness taking over her anger. She vowed to never to return to the Dragon’s Mountains, never to bring Onyx back to her home. Why, she wanted to know, was he after her? She continued to fly, upset and sad, flying all day before landing in a forest. She curled up and sobbed in her mind.
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Hatred Among the Land
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